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About The Medical Group of Ohio


In 1994, physicians created The Medical Group of Ohio to help themselves deal with the new "business" of medicine - particularly managed care.  By reacting to that threat as an opportunity, and then continuing to respond similarly to the ongoing changes in our healthcare climate, MGO has become an increasingly valuable asset to its member physicians.

MGO is an independent, physician-owned and operated company.  The Board of Managers is comprised of 21 physicians who are elected by the physicians who own the company.  In addition to the Board, there are many other physicians participating in Board Committees, and other forums to provide the organization overall direction.  As part of its core service to members, MGO partners with OhioHealth in a 50/50 owned company, OhioHealth Group (OHG).  OHG is the physician hospital organization (PHO) vehicle for contracting with third-party payers.

MGO also serves its physicians and their offices by offering a variety of high quality, valuable services and programs that can assist any practice in dealing with the challenges of the current healthcare environment.

Recent News


  • CMS Revised ABN Form
    Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), unveiled on March 3, 2008, the new ABN (Advanced Beneficiary Notice), and with the deadline several months away (March 1, 2009), you should begin taking steps to put it into practice.

  • MGO Update – November 2008
    Clinical Integration meetings continue through November 20; PLPP Returns $1Million dollars to Insured Physicians; Ohio Health Choice fee schedule will increase 3% as a result of a contractual inflator; Physician Liaisons keep current with MGO; MGO Practice Resources offer a Free Coding Education session; Information update for physicians who administer drugs in their office.
    11/5/2008

  • No Shows and Non-Compliant Patients (Fall 2008)
    Continuing the focus on reducing risk in the office setting entails the development of policies and procedures specific to reducing the liability
    10/17/2008

  • Saying Good-Bye To Those Pesky Office Site Visits, but wait… could there be more (Fall 2008)
    July 1, 2008 was the beginning of a change. On that date, a major shift in process went into effect. The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) no longer
    10/17/2008

  • MGO Update – October 2008
    Register now for the Clinical Integration Meetings in October and November; The Humana/PHO contract effective; Physician Liaison's are your resource; It’s not too early for policies renewing in January to consider PLPP as a viable option for your professional liability needs;Have you been updated on what MGO, MGO PR and PLPP have to offer to you and your practice?; MGO's Pay for Quality Program results in improved preventive care for OhioHealth associates; The MGO's Clinical Practice guidelines
    11/5/2008

  • Beech Street - Important Contracting Update
    Beech Street notice of amendment to contract being sent to MGO Physicians.
    10/8/2008

  • How Clinical Integration will Affect Your Practice and MGO
    MGO’s future direction is a response to the increasingly challenging health care environment and a desire to serve both MGO physicians and their patients. As a result, MGO is becoming Clinically Integrated. This is the Fall 2008 schedule of Clinical Integration events between October 22 and November 20.
    10/31/2008

  • Credentialing Changes Resulting from Ohio House Bill 125
    MGO contracts with OhioHealth Group to provide credentialing services. MGO and OhioHealth Group Credentialing Services are implementing the new credentialing forms, processes and timelines that resulted from the passage of Ohio’s Health Care Simplification Act (HB 125) earlier this year.
    9/29/2008

  • MGO Clinical Practice Guidelines available for review on the web
    As part of MGO’s clinical integration process five draft clinical practice guidelines are now available. MGO’s Quality Enhancement Committee is requesting that you review them and provide your feedback about them.
    9/17/2008

  • MGO Update - September 2008
    MGO seeking comments on clinical guidelines; PLPP - Board Member Election and Annual meeting results; Aetna seminar scheduled in Portsmouth, September 23rd at 11:30 AM; Physician Liaisons are your communication resource; Credentialing Update - HB1125.
    10/8/2008

  • Quick Facts About Clinical Integration
    What clinical integration is, Why is MGO is becoming clinically integrated, Who can participate in clinical integration, How will MGO become clinically integrated, When will MGO will become clinically integrated
    10/14/2008

  • Aetna Physician Office Seminar
    Tuesday, September 23, 2008 11:30 – 1:00pm Register Now! Whether your office is just getting started with Aetna or is a seasoned participating office, don’t miss this chance to learn how working with Aetna is easier than ever!
    9/17/2008

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