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Terminal Distributor of Dangerous Drugs (TDDD) License Requirement UPDATE

Ohio Revised Code defines “Terminal Distributor of Dangerous Drugs” as a person who is engaged in the sale of Rx products or dangerous drugs at retail, or any person or licensed health professional authorized to prescribe drugs other than a wholesale distributor or a pharmacist, who has possession, custody, or control of dangerous drugs for any purpose other than for that person’s own use and consumption.. (Dangerous Drugs are defined in the Ohio Revised Code as any drug requiring a prescription or intended for injection in the human body. This includes antibiotics, vaccines, local anesthetic injectable products and medical Oxygen.) (The application for a TDDD License must be mailed to the Ohio Board of Pharmacy.)

Not all practitioners are impacted by the TDDD License requirement. The law allows wholesale distributors to distribute Rx or dangerous drugs to a licensed dental practitioner and other healthcare practitioners that are the sole proprietor/owner (owns 100% stock) of the practice without holding a TDDD license.

TDDD not required- Sole Proprietor

If the business practice has a sole proprietor or the practice is a general corporation, limited liability corporation (LLC), or professional association with a sole shareholder who is a prescriber, the business practice is not required to be licensed as a Terminal Distributor of Dangerous Drugs. If a Sole Proprietor is incorporated as an LLC, with no other partners or partnerships in any way or manner, they will not require a TDDD license. This means that if the business practice has a single prescriber (MD, DO, DVM, DPM, etc.) who is the sole shareholder, member, or owner of the practice, then this practice is not required to be licensed as a Terminal Distributor of Dangerous Drugs with the Ohio Board of Pharmacy.

TDDD is required- Group Practice

Any group practice operating as a corporation or partnership, where the practice has two or more owners, partners, or members in the corporation, limited liability corporation, partnership, or professional association, must procure a TDDD License. The License pertains to Medical and Veterinary Practitioners.

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