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Resources for Chronic Pain Management (Winter 2012)

Over the past several years the United States has seen a dramatic increase in the number of prescription drug overdoses, most notably due to controlled substances. In an attempt to address this serious issue, regulatory agencies at the state and federal levels are adopting new policies and updating others in the hope of curbing abuse of these drugs. Practitioners treating patients for chronic pain feel challenged in this environment as they struggle to maintain access to controlled substances for their patients while trying to familiarize themselves with regulatory compliance and updated medical literature. This is particularly true in Primary Care where much of the chronic pain management occurs.

To that end and in collaboration with OhioHealth, MGO has developed a set of resources for physicians treating patients with chronic pain exclusive of terminal illness. This has been endorsed by MGO’s Quality Enhancement Committee, and is now available at www.theMGO.com under the Best Practices section on the left side. To access Pain Management resources click on Clinical Resources. These resources are geared toward Primary Care Physicians rather than certified pain management specialists, and they focus on the prescribing of controlled substances. Included are a “principles” document which details some best practices for documentation and compliance; a group of attachments for potential office use including a “sample pain agreement;” and a list of additional references with links to websites such as the Ohio State Medical Board. The resources will be updated regularly as additional information becomes available from state and national medical societies, the Ohio State Medical Board and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).    

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