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2011 Health4 Physician Participation Requirements (Fall 2011)

Since its inception in 2010, Health4 has made significant progress in developing and expanding our clinical integration program. As a result, participating physicians are being rewarded through more clinical programs to assist with patient care, enhanced fee schedules, opportunities for bonuses and gain share. To ensure the physicians participating in Health4 have the most current information and resources necessary to succeed, physician participation requirements will be introduced periodically.
There are two new physician requirements for 2011. Both are web based videos that can be accessed on the Health4 portal.   All physicians who participate in Health4 are required to view a 30 minute Health4 Network Update video. This video highlights the enhancements that have been made to Health4 since the beginning of the year and outlines the resources that will be available to assist physicians and their practices in 2012. 

Physicians with clinical metrics are also required to view the video that describes the Physician Support Tool; how to utilize it and to access the Tool at least once. 

In addition to the participation requirements, a video about Patient Safety and Handoffs is available on the Health4 portal. Physicians who do not have applicable clinical metrics or have very few patients in their metrics can earn a bonus in 2011 by viewing this 20 minute video. 

Physicians must fulfill their requirements by the end of the year. 

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