Charge Master Analysis

Charge masters are often overlooked and not analyzed and updated in an appropriate way. By systematically reviewing the practice charge master, MGO PR can offer a FREE estimate of expected increases to revenue based on recommended changes to the charge master.

Based upon the estimate, the practice can choose whether or not to receive the recommended changes. The cost of this service is a percentage of increased reimbursement based on recommendations for the first 12 months following implementation only. If the practice chooses to move forward, MGO PR will work with the practice to monitor actual increased reimbursement.

MGO PR only gets paid if recommendations result in increased reimbursement! 

The process begins with the practice signing the Charge Master Free Estimate Agreement. This agreement grants MGO PR permission to compare the charge master to MGO contracted fee schedules. Once the agreement is signed, the practice supplies MGO PR with the current charge master and the process begins.

To learn more about Charge Master Analysis or to set up an appointment with your Practice Resource Consultant, please click here.

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