Most medical offices develop a Policy and Procedure Manual as a resource to educate staff in the expected operations of the practice.  The manuals should address office-related topics including insurance, facility concerns, safety matters, financial operations, as well as patient, employee and employer issues.  The policies need to represent current regulations and practice operations.  Many organizations can serve as a resource, including the American Medical Association and local and state medical organizations, as you prepare the manuals.
We have developed the "Risk Management Strategies for Quality Practices" to focus on office and patient quality of care and assist in managing the risk inherent in a busy office setting.  The Medical Group of Ohio (MGO) and PLPP recommend obtaining a legal opinion from a trusted attorney when establishing practice standards.  The information offered in this overview is not intended to serve as legal advice.
The "Strategies" will address numerous topics pertinent to the office setting, including articles outlining areas of importance, as well as "links" to Tools & Templates specific to the topic.  The following topics will allow the physicians and office to navigate the new Risk Management Strategies for Quality Practices.

Patient Safety

  • Office Processes (22 articles)

    Appointments, Confidentiality, Emergency office processes, Unanticipated events, Miscellaneous

  • Patient Relations (18 articles)

    Health literacy, Patient satisfaction, Termination of physician/patient relationship, Miscellaneous

  • Communications (21 articles)

    Electronic-telephone, Internet based, Hand-offs, After hours, Miscellaneous

  • Medical Records (31 articles)

    Components, Maintenance, Electronic-telephone information, Electronic Medical Records, Miscellaneous

  • Release of Medical Information (2 articles)

  • Medications (16 articles)

    Medications in the office, Medication ordering, Controlled substances/safety, Medication reconciliation, Miscellaneous

  • Diagnostic Testing and Tracking (13 articles)

    Lab & studies, Consults, Imaging

  • Office-based Surgery (11 articles)

  • Infection Control/Patient Safety (2 articles)

  • Tools & Templates (59 articles)

    Office processes, Patient relations, Communications, Medical records, Release of medical information, Medications, Diagnostic testing, Office-based surgery, Infection control/patient safety

  • Policy & Procedure Recommendations (11 articles)

  • Resources (1 articles)

    Pearls & Pitfalls, Risk Management Seminars, Onsite visit tools, Miscellaneous

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