Missions and Goals

Mission Statement

The Medical Group of Ohio (MGO) is an organization of health care professionals working together, as a business, to improve the process of delivering health care and to enhance the professional satisfaction of its members. 


  • To enhance, support and facilitate the delivery of compassionate, high quality, cost effective health care to our patients.
  • To develop and maintain relationships with other entities that enhance the practices of MGO members, and that promote the accomplishment of the mission.
  • To enhance MGO members' satisfaction by achieving fair reimbursement and assuring access to patients.
  • To build and maintain a physician organization and network that facilitates completing the mission.
  • To serve as a valuable resource to members by providing useful information, information systems and education that assist in the delivery of care and in the management of their practice.
  • To promote the effectiveness of OhioHealth Group as a mechanism for attaining our mission.

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